Body Intelligence

Why Body Intelligence (BQ) and Why Now?

Humans have the opportunity to make the shift now from fear-focused, adrenaline-fueled living to full-body-intelligent living. Body intelligence expands our perspective beyond fear to the rich, millennia-long wisdom we carry in our cells. BQ includes all feelings and inner experience, informs responsive choices, heightens wellbeing, and opens perception based on curiosity and possibility rather than scarcity and prejudice. BQ allows us to connect deeply with our essence and the flow of life that sparks genuine appreciation and collaboration with others.

When we value what our body is communicating to us, we open the doors to a level of vitality that cannot be achieved by following advice from a book. Every BODY has a different road map, and by becoming intimate with what our own body is asking for, we unleash our inner physician. It is through this level of nourishment throughout our daily lives, that regeneration of cells proliferate. It’s an “in the moment” experiment, and you know you are on the right track, if you notice feeling energized by your choices (as though your cells are humming the words “Thank You”).

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