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Beyond Ego: A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution, is Now Available

Beyond Ego: A Framework for Mindful Leadership and Conscious Human Evolution, Abigail Stason and Anney Smith, Authors

Beyond Ego is the How-To Book for the New Business Paradigm.

Learn HOW to be a Mindful and Conscious Leader through a series of practices and actionable activities.
In an information age where industries are being turned upside down, a new leader is emerging. The Mindful and Conscious Leader has the agility and compassion to facilitate conditions for increased connection, vitality, creativity, productivity, and profitability. In business, and in your personal life, it is the handbook for how to welcome and navigate challenges that engage you creatively and intellectually in an age where compassion and connection are required to sustain us as a species. If you want to take your energy and use it for creative purposes, Beyond Ego will show you how.

Transform workplace drama into creative fuel for new innovative products and services that make you stand out in the marketplace.
Harness the energy of your organization to create rapid results that profoundly affect the bottom line.
Easily incorporate interpersonal skills at all levels to create a culture of connection, collaboration and creativity.
Take yourself and your organization to the next level by leveraging human potential and cultivating a culture of evolved human beings.
Differentiate yourself and your organization through consciousness by developing the most exceptional and agile group of leaders on the planet.
Talking about mindfulness is the first step. Beyond Ego is “where the rubber meets the road”–providing the tools to power the consciousness engine and put it into action.

Get the book now.

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