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Fear Melters™ Video Challenge Instructions

What’s the challenge?

Bring Fear Melters™ to your relationships and daily life!
Create a video no more than 3 minutes long that demonstrates or shares a situation where you used Fear Melters™. This video can be about how you’ve used Fear Melters™ in the past or it can be an ‘in the moment’ experience.

What’s the prize?

The top 3 most effective and creative videos will be featured on the Foundation for Conscious Living website and winners will receive a free IMPECCABLE: The Integrity Deck by Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, PhD’s and Kirsten Jones, LATG.

Sample Fear Melters™ Videos

Here are a couple of sample videos for you to enjoy, as well as a link to an easy instructional video. Click here to view the Fear Melters™ Animation.

Using FearMelters in Your Relationship

Real Time Fear Melting – Preparing to Speak on Stage

How to Make a Short Video

Upload your video by June 15th

To enter your video for the Fear Melters™ Challenge, upload your video to our Viddler site by June 15th. By submitting a video for this challenge, you give the Foundation for Conscious Living permission to make minor edits to your video and to post them to our FaceBook Pages and YouTube Channel.

Upload your video to Viddler: up.viddler.com
Username: HendricksUploads
Password: Love2Breathe!
Title: Your Name
Description: Your email address + FearMelter Challenge

Tips for making effective short videos:

· Keep it short. No more than 3 min.

· Scripting: Use a loose outline and keep it authentic and as natural as you can.

· Have fun! If you are having fun, the video will likely be more fun for the viewer.

· Use a situation that is happening real-time or is very familiar to you.

· Don’t hold back! Often the “thing” that one is afraid to say is what most needs to be said for big shifts to happen.

· If you are talking about a situation where you used Fear Melters, model the practice that you are describing.

On the Technical Side: Using a Phone to Make your Video

· Keep your device steady. find a way to prop it, or use a tripod with the selfie stick attached or a JOBY Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand. (found on amazon for under $30)

· Direct your focus to the camera lens rather than looking at yourself in the screen when recording.

· Keep the background simple.

· Recording outside can be an easy way to have enough light, just be sure that you are side or front lit, not backlit.

· If filming indoors, be sure to use enough light, like a soft light shining on the wall behind you from the bottom or side. Try to face a window with sunlight.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

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