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What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

My vision is that I am collaborating with leaders, sports and creative professionals in clarifying and living their life purpose.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

I love working with people that want to create new possibilities in their life, playing with them and their/my excitement and fear. I love seeing someone shift their world view and experience, as an example from “life is serious” to “how can I play and co-create with the universe.” I love collaborating with people who are expanding their ability to have a blast whilst benefiting themselves, others and the planet.

Before I started coaching I …

I was in the banking industry in both domestic and international segments and then moved into the leadership development department. After that I chose to transition into the sports management industry and was a multi-unit Area Director on the West Coast for Arnold Palmer Golf. Basically I played in two of my life areas that I love; leadership and sports. In both careers I was coaching people as a component of my job, just without the additional amazing skills I later learned with Katie and Gay. < What makes you laugh? Dry British humor, The movie Galaxy Quest, me, my reactions to life. People in general, we are one funny species. To clarify, I am very familiar with other species as well as I am a big fan of Star Trek (particularly Voyager) and Stargate SG1. ☺ The legacy I want to leave behind is ... Having people understand that feelings are fabulous if we let them flow. We are totally lovable and that the planet we live on (and universe as a whole) is to be honored and treasured like each one of us. Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why? At present Tiger Woods comes to mind. I would love to support him in learning the difference between secrets and privacy and to assist him in becoming congruent throughout his life. I believe he understands cognitively what integrity is, however, the fun is learning to shift that into a body, mind, spirit embodiment. Numbers 2 and 3 would be Lynn Elsenhan CEO of Sunoco and Tony Hayward CEO of BP, I would enjoy working with them to support a radical shift in how capture and distribute energy on the planet. What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute? Benefits: Through learning to feel my feelings I was able to shift my repeated lower back pain issues and now can play golf again. I had pre-Hendricks experienced two back operations and had stopped playing golf for 13 years, which was not the solution. Breathing, moving, feeling and expressing was. Having shorter feeling cycles of sadness, anger and fear and increased feeling cycles of joy and sexual feelings. I know have the ability to; love myself, choose consciously from a full body yes, play, be with what is and breath lovingly with the world. One of the greatest benefits is having a committed relationship with Margaret that is ever expanding in joy through a commitment to authenticity in each moment. The Book? Hmm, I remember reading The Lord of the Rings Trilogy when I was young; I loved the adventure, the camaraderie and the thought that one small person, a hobbit, could change/save the world. The book that changed my life the most was Conscious Loving; I felt it had been written for me personally as a guide to all that I most wanted. What brings you the most joy in your day to day life? See ‘top 10 things I couldn’t live without’ as I captured my joy of day-to-day life there. Top 10 things I couldn't live without: 1) My brain (that ponders and is conscious of the technical accuracy of what I am about to say – hmmm shifting to what feels true, light and expansive) My gorgeous partner Margaret and the fabulous adventures I live for Living, learning, growing Chocolate éclairs with real dairy cream Clean water and air Playing sports particularly golf and tennis Connection to other wonder-filled beings through authentic expression Picnicking on the beautiful coast line of the San Francisco Bay Area – while dreaming of new possibilities Playing “Faith” by George Michael and wildly dancing in the kitchen with aforementioned beloved (This was the song that kicked off our commitment ceremony and everyone danced before we shared our vows - I feel warm and smiley all over every time I picture the scene) Consciously breathing and putting my attention on a tiny part of me, then shifting my attention to my whole beaming being. The movie that inspired me most was _______. Why? I love this question as I reflected I realized that many of the films I enjoyed growing up I used as releases for sadness i.e. Terms of Endearment. What comes to mind now is Chicken Little. Why? I feel inspired by people or in this case a chicken that speaks out - shares what he sees, is ridiculed, gets scared and re-commits to speaking out and being true to himself. My Journey For many years I had read books from Franklin Covey to Who Moved My Cheese, they had all given me one or two new ideas to take into my life and share with my work teams. However, the life changing event for me was when I picked up Conscious Loving in a local book store, from that day on I had a clear blue print that I could mold and shape into exactly the life I wanted, one that I was not even able to dream up in that evolution of me. In those early “Hendricks impacted” days I felt fabulous, even though I used some less evolved tactics to get Margaret to join the party, they would not be how I would coach a client now. I was relentless in hounding Margaret to go to our first training, I knew it would be a journey into discovering me, the me I was born to be. However, I was scared that if I went on the journey alone “IT” would force us apart. At that stage I was in a paradigm of “at the effect of” instead of creating what I wanted. Margaret knows that when I get focused I am hard to stop (actually nearly impossible) so she agreed to go to two back-to-back weekend trainings. In my excitement and fear I switched the details for the trainings, one started at 9am on a Friday morning, the other at 7pm on a Friday evening. Yes, we showed up at 7pm for the 9am event. I remember the sick feeling in my stomach as I stood at the door and watched the apprentice group in full swing. Margaret stood beside me celebrating as she said, “one day down, two to go.” The next day was eye opening, and heart opening. The book had spoken so directly to me, it made so much sense, even when I read a challenging concept once I thought about it for a few minutes I could experience the logic. However, this was so much more than logic, my body, mind and spirit were fully engaged in this journey. One learning that freed up so much of my life energy was the understanding and ultimately the body experience that feelings flow through easefully if we allow them to. I had a logjam of emotions that I had powerfully held onto for nearly my whole life. My mother died at age 42 from breast cancer and my brother committed suicide at age 21, I was aged 4 and 13 respectively when these events happened. I had bottled that sadness, anger and fear and leaked it out for thirty plus years and also secretly created my credentialed victim persona. This new freedom to feel, breathe and express authentically in a connected community has given me the IMAX plus version of my life. Sharing the knowledge I have gained through working with Katie, Gay and the Hendricks community is now central to WonderWorks’ mission. The other day a client said to me do you have this much fun with all your clients as we were belly laughing during a session, and the answer is yes. Sometimes it is belly laughter other sessions maybe other emotions, and I love them all as they are the source of my vibrant, shiny life. I love to work with clients to create what I call “shiny” goals that are so exciting that the person is totally buzzed and inspired to commit to the goal and create the result they most want. I now work in a company that I am totally aligned with, have a brilliant and beautiful business and life partner and work with clients that are creating shiny lives. I love this life of mine. WonderWorks Partner, Certified Hendricks Coach and my life partner Margaret Ryan. Margaret’s Journey. Anna invited me to join her coaching firm earlier this year, and I was delighted to be working alongside her again as her business partner focusing on business development for WonderWorks Consulting. Our clients are leaders and their teams in small and large businesses. I have an image of the two of us heading off on our journey, car full to the rim with tools and equipment, ready to play an array of games. Our hearts and minds are wide open and we are ready to glean outrageous learning’s from our adventures. With our bellies filled with excitement and love, tickets have been purchased…... lunch boxes filled with goodies and our creative zones are in top gear. We are ready for 2K10 and beyond! We have been life partners for the past 22 years and had worked together many times before, so I knew how much I loved to work with Anna but this time it was different. We are different. We have shifted in so many ways with the support of Katie, Gay and a brilliant bunch of Hendricks apprentice friends. Let me explain, I attended my first training in January 2003. I didn't want to go. Anna strongly suggested we attend after reading just one of Katie and Gay’s books, Conscious Loving. Yes, I read it too; I liked it but not enough to head off down to Ojai for a two and a half day training. I was scared to go and I was scared not to go. I had never attended personal growth trainings before. The truth is I thought my relationship with Anna was the best part of my life and everything else was just fine. Why then did we need to attend a relationship training at all? A question I remember asking Anna on a few occasions……., oh boy, am I glad I did. Our relationship in every aspect has shifted. The way I look at life has expanded and I believe I would not have received these messages without making a commitment to myself, and working with Katie and Gay. I love them for following and modeling their passion and for their willingness to share their work so generously. They are super good human beings. They have inspired me to shift big time the way I think, live, dream and experience myself. WonderWorks mission has my creative zone fired up constantly. I feel grounded in what I am speaking about and most of all I love witnessing the shifts in Anna's clients. Daily I notice my increased energy level. When I drift, I notice how much faster I shift, as I choose to be engaged in what we are creating and developing. I honor the power of taking action in life. I see the ripple effect of Anna reading that one book. I recommend anyone who feels stuck or scared choose a direction to move in, source and read one book, watch one movie, listen to one song and open up to the message. Simply commit to exploring your own journey and take the next action step. Click HERE to visit the Hendricks Coaches website.