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Anney-Brett-LAnney and Brett Answer Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

I envision a life where I thrive and am present in all aspects of life – especially as a wife, mom, and business owner. I love to create and send my creative projects out into the world. I want to help visionary leaders to do the same. I see Brett and I working together to constantly expand into our genius, both blended and individually. In our practice, we provide individuals, couples and groups tools for living well and living in their own genius. We are excited about building an enlivening community where people make positive ripple effects by bringing their creativity out into the world.

I want to further and further embody what I teach. My life is connected and reaching out at all times, so I dream of outward and upward spirals of consciousness spreading around the globe. I want my wife and daughter to constantly feel the love I have for them in my words and my actions and I want to be creating at all times with words and music.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

The top three things I love about coaching are:
1. Assisting people in getting what they most want in life.
2. Constantly learning along with my clients.
3. Seeing how creativity inspires and fulfills my clients, and the amazing ripple effects of those creative projects for the people I coach, their families and friends and the world at large.

1. I love learning along with my clients. I am sincerely committed to expanding my mind at all times and I find that in the A-Ha moments of others are a delight and a surprise every time they happen.
2. I also love watching people accept and integrate new ideas.
3. Feeling the gratitude from someone who has truly “gotten it” and is not necessarily thankful to me, but to the universe at large for baring itself to them in that moment.

Before I started coaching I …

Wow. I think I started coaching at the age of 5 or 6! It’s been a part of me, my relationships and my professional positions for as long as I can remember. Before I started coaching as a Conscious Loving and Living Coach, I spent time as a human resources director, almost a decade as a financial planner, launched a jewelry line, became a mom and have helped many other business owners launch their projects and expand their businesses. I am still a serial entrepreneur!

Was in technology sales. When my wife introduced me to conscious thought, I began to feel less and less comfortable in the position because of challenges in integrity that I saw throughout different parts of the profession and industry.

What makes you laugh?

Brett Smith (my husband), dry humor, quirky and absurd comedies and comedians (Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin, Jon Stewart, movies like Best in Show, Napoleon Dynamite and Muriel’s Wedding), and my three-year-old daughter.

My wife Anney makes me guffaw. She is constantly surprising me with the things she says or does to get me laughing. My three-year-old daughter is another constant source of amusement. My daughter is in pre-school, so watching the kids play and interact with one another cracks me up.

The legacy I want to leave behind is this:

Inspiring people to live, doing what they LOVE to do and to do well at it. I want love in action to be the norm for people in all of their relationships. I want ease in life to outweigh struggle.

I want to leave my family and other families with the lasting and infectious love that I feel for people. I want that love to spread outward to parents, friends, partners and children.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

I want to coach open-minded leaders and visionaries in creative endeavors because it inspires me to expand more myself. I also would love to coach high-profile women who want to thrive in their careers and in their family life, all while living beautifully inside and out. Why? I believe women can find value in themselves by nurturing all aspects of life that are important to them. This will affect their children and all generations to come. This is where I see positive change in our world taking hold. I’d also love to coach leading-edge entrepreneurs, like Richard Branson. Having an impact on helping others break through to bigger and bigger levels of success is thrilling to me.

I would like to coach kids to encourage more young people in the direction of following their bliss and creating generations of happy, loving adults. I’d like to work with men as well. I have created a life with my wife and my daughter that I did not think possible at one time, and I am having such an amazing time that I would love to share how I did it with men who want the same richness in their lives. I would love to work with congress on things like integrity, personal responsibility and cooperation.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

Where to start? Studying at the Hendricks Institute has deepened my connection with my husband, my daughter and myself in immeasurable ways. It’s renewed my confidence in my abilities and increased my love for myself, exactly as I am, and inspired my commitment to play BIG in the world. I now know how to quickly move through what holds me back and direct my energy toward what I want in life. I’ve learned practical tools that have allowed me to thrive in times of stress, and manifest things I barely imagined possible. I laugh more, play more, love more. I enjoy life on a more expanded level than ever before. I have more fun and more energy. I’ve learned to do business in a way that draws what I want to me. The ripples of my own learning have spread to everyone I know and come into contact with.

I found a new way of interacting with my wife and with my daughter and it has brought me to new levels of enjoyment and deeper more profound love. I’ve also learned to love myself and this has allowed me to have closer relationships with everyone in my life. Beyond the love, I have found Integrity and personal responsibility which were not a part of my upbringing but that are now an integral part of my moment by moment living.

The movie that inspired me most was_______.Why? The book?

The movie that most inspired me was Planet Earth. It showed me aspects of our planet that I’ve never seen before and that truly, we are all connected. The book that inspired me most was The Big Leap. For me, it pulled together the pieces and everything in my life started to make sense. It was that book that led me to studying at the Hendricks Institute.

Finding Forrester is a film I go back to over and over again. I love introducing someone to it who has never seen it and it has a couple themes that really resonate with me: transformation for one. The characters grow and change throughout the story until they become their fully realized selves at the end. Also, identity and perception show up in unexpected ways that always get me thinking about how what I take in visually is not necessarily the way things are and the stories I make up around situations or people, limit my ability to truly see what the world is offering me.
The book White Noise by Don Delillo has changed for me what writing can do and how it can impact a reader. He explores the topic of death in a profound and hilarious way that I think has changed the way I view mortality and what I think of as important in life.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

For me, so many (simple) things: the brightness my daughter radiates; love and connection with my husband, loving my dog, creating in the moment, jumping on my trampoline, discovering something new and taking even one step toward my vision.

My wife and daughter. Every day is a gift and a joy with them in my life.

What ten things could you not do without?

Anney: 1. Cooking and eating great food
2. My iPhone
3. Love
4. Books
5. Art supplies
6. Imagination
7. Music
8. My connection to Life
9. Lavender L’Occitane hand cream
10. Great design

Anney: 1. Daydreaming
2. My little family
3. My music collection
4. Computer
5. Mid-century modern design
6. My drums
7. Contemporary fiction
8. BBQ
9. Baseball
10. My dog Lucie

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Brett and Anney co-founded The Smith Connection where they coach individuals, couples and groups as well as provide practical products and resources for living well. Anney works with executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their projects out into the world and expand into new levels of success. She is also currently developing her latest project aimed at showing women how they can “have it all” and actually enjoy themselves doing it. Anney also spends time exploring her creativity and playing at cooking, learning, and designing her jewelry line, AnneyFriday. Brett is working on two screenplays and a work of non-fiction chronicling his adventure with integrity and transparency. Together they are putting the finishing touches on a new program designed to help families and people thrive through stressful times in their lives. Brett and Anney also spend much of their time raising a three-year-old genius.