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Audrey-L2Audrey Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

In my coaching practice and The Radiance Process, my visions are parallel. I see myself as a welcoming, irresistible guide for folks to come all the way home to themSelves. In this whole bodied experience of support, love and commitment to ‘be here’, life flows with ease and magic and what may have seemed impossible becomes possible and then ‘actual’. Life becomes a magical unveiling and expanding of our organic power, capacity to love and be loved, and the urge to share our essential gifts becomes unquestionable.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

I love exploring the BIG questions around transformation and knowing that my presence, intuition and potent playful guidance creates quantum positive shifts. I love being a presence where transformation to love is SINCERE and EASY BUSINESS! I love witnessing clients become aware of the wholeness of themselves and the sparkle of utter delight in being who they are.

Before I started coaching I …

Before I started coaching I worked hard and well as a clinical exercise physiologist and cardiovascular rehabilitation specialist. I began exploring consciousness and transformation with ‘intent’ right after finishing my first marathon and declaring “What else did I think was impossible?”

What makes you laugh?

I laugh often for no reason at all…finding life quite hilarious, especially when I see how creatively I construct my life to give me everything I need and want to learn…sometimes in the strangest of packages. Everything becomes funny!

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

The legacy I want to leave behind is one of unity of spirit and heart…writings, music, guidance through ease, and genuine laughter are all forms of the formless energy that speaks through ordinary words. I want to leave behind global wisdom that we are always collaborating and conspiring together to know our wholeness. The choices are our own, and yet we are always supported.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

Oprah Winfrey-to be a powerful influence assisting her to know authentic aliveness and to support her in creating an optimal body experience that has infinite power, energy and vibrance.

Michelle Obama-to welcome ‘aliveness’, appreciation, integrity, and genuine self nourishment (on all levels) as a platform in the White House to be seen and passed from the first lady to her daughters and rippling globally.

The folks I am already coaching-they already RSVP’d ‘yes’ to my invitation for transformation, and they are all asking inspired and exciting questions…the explorations of which are guiding them to the life that they most desire and allowing me to support them by flowing my genius gifts.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

The greatest gifts were experiences that directly taught my whole being that life is intended to be fulfilling, passionate and purposeful, all while enjoying great moments one after the next.
I learned the practices and visceral experience of integrity on all levels, so that the felt sense of my being/body becomes an undeniable guide to Essence.
I learned that I am my own beloved, and that loving myself is dynamic and expanding all the time.
I learned that my loving presence is the most important, influential gift I can ever give myself and anyone else.

The Book?

The Conscious Heart, Your Heart’s Desire, Pronoia, The Book of Love, Peace Like A River, The Secret Life Of Bees, nearly anything by Paolo Coehlo…all books of inspired learning, passage, and triumph of Love.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

My greatest joy comes from my relationships, inner and outer, that reflect to me who I really am, and am becoming…in such graceful, gentle, often hilarious ways. Expressing myself and my gifts in as many creative ways as I can muster is a daily joy practice, as well as seeing how my own wild expressions invite others to go all the way with their own. I feel extraordinary joy and gratitude for the beauty of my surroundings, from which I feel stretched to own my own beauty and vastness.

The movie that inspired me most was _______. Why?

Honestly, each movie I see inspires me in some way. “Avatar” is the most recent inspiration because of it’s off-the-charts creative expression of characters, gorgeous animated scenery and blending of technology and vision.
One of my favorites is The Wizard of Oz, reminding me that I am always home, that life delivers unexpected challenges/opportunities to know myself fully, and that the one ‘behind the curtain’ is totally lovable.
Also LOVE the Indiana Jones series, especially the one with the leap from the Lions mouth (Sean Connery)… leaps of faith are always rewarded!

Coaching For Extraordinary Living!
The Radiance Process

Little did I know, nearly 7 years ago when I met Kathlyn Hendricks, how my life would change and expand. Meeting eyes for the first time, I ‘recognized’ her love and an expression of myself that I had hidden from for years. Life as I knew it was over. What became available to me was the wisdom that all my learning and transformation could come through ease, grace and even laughter. Who knew?

If there’s one thing that I understand now, it’s the power of commitment. After meeting Katie, I instantly committed to body-centered transformation and learning. When I commit to a new way of being, I instantly create the opportunity to step into my choice. Choosing to live in integrity, joy, love, genius and steadfast learning gives me opportunities to learn way beyond my imagination and into the space of magic and ultimate possibility. I keep raising my thermostat for joy, love, passion and positive life energy and I don’t see any ceiling to what’s possible. As I grow in Presence and sensitive awareness, transformation and positive life change keeps getting easier and deeper. In addition, the presence I hold for my clients becomes a richer and more fertile ground for their desires to become reality.

The Radiance Process(TRP) is a natural expression of my commitment to loving. Designed by Gay and Katie Hendricks in the 1980’s, TRP clearly invites loving presence to do the graceful ‘work’ of transforming all that needs/wants to be healed through ease. The Radiance Process is one of those ‘gotta feel it to believe it’ experiences for me and many others for whom I have held this space. The ultimate benefit is a whole-body, cellular feeling of being totally wanted, loved and supported…an experience that very few come into this world feeling. In this vibration, physical pains can disappear, stubborn limiting beliefs and patterns dissolve and what remains is a sense of new-ness, and a clean slate for possibilities to become actualities.

I adore my life! I LOVE what I do! I feel honored to be a model and inspiration for folks to live into their wildest dreams. I am deeply grateful to Gay and Katie Hendricks for guiding me into a way of being that sees learning, love, breath and movement as integral to being truly alive! I encourage everyone to take their own leap into aliveness and experience the Hendricks coaching and Radiance!

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