Featured Coach | Berry Koeleman and Odeke Kwantes

Berry-Odeke-LBerry and Odeke Answer Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

The vision I have for my life is to create maximum friendly aliveness every day, open to learn, new adventures and focusing on the things that work. Taking 100% responsibility, speaking the unarguable truth, appreciating the people around me and being grateful for what I savor in my life.
My vision is that I can create and manifest the things in my life which I want to enjoy and savor.
In my coaching practice I inspire people to do the same. My vision is to inspire people to live their passion and to be in their zone of Genius. I inspire others to be successful and to take actionsteps.
The vision I have, is to live my life to the fullest, filled with appreciation, love and joy. What I would love to create with my coaching practice, is to share with people that life does not have to be hard, that you can actually make the choice to shift easily and readily and create an amazing life for yourself. Joy is our birthright and I love to show my clients that everybody can experience this in their day to day life.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

What I love about coaching is that people feel really energized at the end of a session and are taking action towards their goal. Teaching how you can manifest your wishes and to savor a successful life.I love to inspire people to create the best life possible for themselves.
What exhilarates, inspires and surprises me over and over again is how much people love to play. So many people believe that being a grown-up means that you have to be serious and play is for children. Stuart Brown says in his book “Play” that play is in our DNA. In coaching I experience the joy my clients create while playing and the surprise that they actually love it. The last thing that I appreciate about coaching is when my clients discover that shifting is easy. With some simple bodycentered exercises, clients create profound shifts for themselves, without the need to process.

Before I started coaching I …

Was chasing Money and racing through life at full speed without enjoying the moment. I founded and exploited several companies successfully. Finally I caused a big burnout and was completely empty and exhausted. Being out of business for three years and realizing that I want to follow my heart and to inspire others to do the same.
Before I started coaching, I had several companies together with my husband. We started with a CPA company, followed by a company in foreign food, a travelsite, a rose breeding company and a healthclub. In the last couple of years I discovered that creating a wonderful relationship and life and assisting others in creating their own fulfilled lives, is much more satisfying than running any other company.

What makes you laugh?

Great Question! Hahahaha! My wife Odeke makes me laugh. She has the greatest laugh in the world. Very contagious. My dear friends and kids makes me laugh. I love to play and connect with them. My own sense of humor and how I create play instantly.
What makes me laugh is funny movies, amazing dinners and conversations with my friends, children and husband and when I create an AHA moment for myself.

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

The Passion and Genius Foundation which keeps inspiring people to do what they really love to do. To go for their passion and DO their unique thing in the world. This way creating more people who create fun in their work and their lives. I love to stimulate people to create an Acts of Kindness and pay it forward movement.
The legacy I want to leave behind is when I assist people in realizing that they can trust following their heart and passion and live in their genius. If I can contribute to spreading the word that you can actually create an amazing life living in your genius, my life would be fulfilled.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

Paul McCartney, Barack Obama and Madonna are inspiring people to me. I love their creativity and willingness to learn. I love to coach people who are open to friendly learning and want to play BIG.
I would love to coach a leading Republican and show him that you can make choices out of love rather than fear. If he gets it and starts spreading the word, that would create a revolutionary change in the republican way of thinking.
My dream is to create a talkshow together with my husband Berry on National US television, where we interview people who already live in their genius and inspire others to do the same. Some of the people that I would love to interview are Maryl Streep ,Obama, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Mandela.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

The biggest benefit is that I created wonderful amazing friendships and an intimate relationship with my wife Odeke. By using what I learned from Gay and Katie Hendricks I’m savoring a deep connection with the people around me. What I learned: Carpe Punctum. Enjoying the moment fully. Being aware of myself and others. To speak the unarguable truth and to focus on what works. Being grateful for what I savor in my life. To see feedback as an invitation to grow. To take 100% responsibility. While practicing the above I created a wonderful life for myself.
The greatest benefits of studying with the Hendricks are to lead with appreciation, taking 100% responsibility and using the shift tools, especially making it bigger. I love to exaggerate.What I also appreciate is that I can skip the story, simply expressing what is happening in the moment has been liberating for me.

The movie that inspired me most was…

The movie that inspired me most was The Bucketlist. It is a movie full of humor and touching moments. The message for me is live right now, fully and DO what love to do.
The movie that inspired me most was ‘The Bucket List’. A wonderful example how one connection can shift your perception of the world and what is really important in the end: following your heart.

The book that inspired me most was…

The book that inspires me the most is The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho. It is living from happiness (not for happiness). It is an amazing story about a young boy on his journey and he finds out that all the answers are inside himself. The treasure chest is inside his heart. The story is entertaining and a great metaphor for life.
“The Circle of Fifths” by Kathy Kuscan. An amazing book about living in your genius and how you can overcome all difficulties by perseverance and finding trust in yourself.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Play and being creative in what I do. Finding new ways to play. Look from different angles and find new ways to DO. Great dinners with friends and savoring BIG Talk.
Focusing on the positive things in my life and looking for new opportunities. I love to be part of creative projects when I have a Full Body Yes. I love to get things started and moving. I love to create things in the garden. Creating a vegetable garden, a treehouse and waterfalls.
To connect with my wonderful wife, do the trainings in personal growth together and our talk show BIG talk.
What brings the most joy in my day to day life is the loving connection with my husband, children, friends and all the surprising random connections with amazing people on a daily basis.

What ten things could you not do without?

A passionate, conscious and loving relationship with my wonderful amazing wife Odeke
Great long Dinners
Sports like indoor soccer, tennis, rollerblading, running, and swimming
Conscious friends
My naughty kids
Hiking in the Mountains
Creativity and play
Inspire others and being inspired by others
1. Appreciation
2. My family
3. My two dogs and four cats
4. Joy and laughter
5. Connection with friends
6. Play
7. Playing tennis
8. Amazing dinners
9. My Hendricks tribe
10. Reading books

More about Berry Koeleman
I was born on the 4th of July 1960 in a small town close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I’m married with Odeke and together we enjoy a family with 3 kids. Odeke is the most amazing woman I know and has an amazing and contagious laugh.
My parents were running a bakery shop. At the age of five I had a car accident which caused severe brain damage and paralysis. When I returned back to school after six months of intensive recovery, I loved to move around. I did not like to sit still. At the age of 11 the head of the school told me: Berry this is not going to work out for you. Your life will end up in misery. That day coming home from school I made a clear commitment. I wanted to create a wonderful life for myself and create my Dutch Dream inspired by the Big American Dream. I set a clear intention to become a millionaire and I reached that goal at the age of 27.
It all started with my first company in accountancy and tax advising. In total I had 25 different companies with my wife Odeke. From wholesale in food, a travel website, and a health, spa and racket club. My favorite company was a rose breeding company with farms in Kenya and The Netherlands.
Finally I ran into a burnout, because I was interested in following money rather than my heart and Genius. I learned a lot from this experience.
After this burnout and periods of fear, my wife Odeke and I came to the USA in 2007 to attend trainings for personal development at the Hendricks Institute. I’m so grateful for what I learned and the skills that I developed. I created many wonderful and deep friendships right here in the USA as I am creating a deeper relationship with my wife. I am so filled with gratitude that I love to share this potential with the whole US nation and inspire others to do the same.
One of my favorite phrases is: The best way to predict the future is to create it ! This phrase is from President Lincoln and I’m experiencing goosebumps while seeing it. So I feel and know this is true for me. I believe that I can create what I want to savor and enjoy.
Words which describe me are: Adventurous, bold, enterprising, curious, creates opportunities, inspiring, driven, ambitious, focusing on what works, decisive, motivating, thoughtful, connecting with people.
My strongest strenghts are: Activator, Motivator, Maximizer.
Transforming something from strong into superb. Create alternative ways to proceed. Quickly spot the relevant patterns.
Taking thought into action. I can make things happen.
I have a gift for figuring out how people with different ideas and opinions can work together productively.
I focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group Genius.
The “talent” bon vivant fits me very well.
Nowadays I inspire as an Advisor to Exceptional Leaders. I coach my clients and share with them the wonderful and succesful tools I learned in my career as an entrepeneur. I walk my talk. What I teach people is out of my own experience. I’m willing to share these amazing tools with you.
I radiate & sparkle while playing, cocreating and inspiring.
Berry’s website: www.berrykoeleman.com

More about Odeke
I was born as one of a triplet on August 31st, 1962 in Amsterdam, the capital of the The Netherlands. At the age of 24, I gave birth to my son Tom and the first two years I raised him as a single mom. When I was 27, I met Berry and fell in love with him. He also has a son, Dave, who has the same age as Tom. In 1996, our daughter Jitske was born. After beaing in a relationship for 20 years, we decided to marry last year.
After being raised in a very serious family, I discovered later in my life that my genius is living in joy and expressing it through laughter and play. From connecting with my joy I learned that I don’t have to be serious to be successful. Living and breathing joy creates fabulous success on a daily basis.
At home, life was about duty and chores. At an early age I took on my parents seriousness. I loved to knit and embroider and I savored reading. Fantasy books were my absolute favorites. I could completely dive into the story, dreamily and focused. The only compassion outlet that I had was ballroom dancing. I was not interested in visiting bars and disco’s with friends. I rather stayed at home reading books or doing needlework.
In my mid-twenties I started working for a bank and created another experience of being serious, at least in my working environment. After having worked at the bank for a year, I lost my job. I was too old and too expensive. Although I did not know it at the time, this is when I opened up to even more aliveness and playfulness. I ended up working for an accountancy bureau. You would expect very serious people in such a working place. It turned out completely different. Berry, the owner of the company, who is my current partner for 21 years already, was very playful and he gathered a lot of employees that loved to play. In the beginning I felt very odd being surrounded by playful people. I had no clue how to react, because I was so used to being serious. I could feel that these people really liked me and cared for me, so I started connecting with my own deeply hidden playfulness. I started by just laughing. It took me a little longer to express my playfulness with words. I fell in love with Berry, who loves to play and tease. A whole new world opened to me.
Berry and I started our own health club. After a couple of years, in the middle of Berry’s burnout, our business was not doing too well. During my conversations with advisors, managers and the bank, I brought my joy and laughter with me all the time. It is amazing to see how people react when they encounter true joy and laughter. New possibilities arise and I have learned that people also connect a full and rich laugh with integrity. They trusted me to turn the company around and gave us a second change. In this moment the health club is flourishing.
Berry and I started a new chapter in our lives, which is coaching and training people to find their genius, passion and talents and use those to create a fulfilling life. What I realize now is that we all have the birthright to experience joy. It creates expansion, aliveness and directly connects with creativity. Being joyful and happy creates timelessness and effortlessness.