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Chris Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

Even as a little girl I advocated for people who I perceived to be the underdog… those who have less, those who are excluded in some way, and those who may be judged as the “losers” of the world. Through my own journey as a life-long learner, I discovered that the core of this dilemma often is a person’s diminished sense of his or her own value and limited capacity to stand powerfully “for” Self in life situations.

Intrigued by what makes people tick and what stands in the way of getting what we want, I am blessed to have spent my last 25+ years contributing in the field of human development. Privileged to coach many extremely wealthy and so called “successful” and powerful people (influential leaders, individuals, and couples), I found that even those who appear to be the “winners” of the world often struggle in the same way as the so-called “losers”. It simply looks different.

You might guess that I am also speaking of my own journey. As I look at the themes throughout my life I see myself consistently stepping into my worth and claiming my authority, while supporting and inspiring others to do the same. I consider this to be my Life Purpose. With time, my mastery grows in depth bringing rich rewards into every facet of my life, my relationships, and into the lives of my clients. My vision for my life and my coaching business rests on the foundation of my Life Purpose.

Vision for My Life: Following Gay Hendricks’ book, Five Wishes, the top five things I plan to manifest this lifetime are listed below. This is my life vision and I feel blessed to continually manifest my five wishes and deepen them as time passes. Each takes on new meaning as I give attention to my own development. Aligning each day with my Life Purpose and mastering my relationship with myself is fundamental to these manifestations. I consider relationship with Self to be the most important relationship in life as it impacts every facet of life.

Wish #1 – My Spiritual Life: Fully expressing and playing full out, I travel easily through life in curiosity and joy, connected to and guided by the infinite.

Wish #2 – My Contribution in the World: Living my life purpose and rippling my genius out into the world, I serve an expanding group of conscious creators, living self-directed lives of happiness and contribution.

Wish #3 – My Relationship with My Body: I honor and value my body… happily choosing only what adds to my aliveness, vitality, and being fully engaged in life.

Wish #4 – My Relationship with Money: Money is my friend and I celebrate its abundant flow in my life. Wise and capable, my finances are a reflection of how I highly value myself (my present and my future) while being generous in the world.

Wish #5 – My Relationship with My Partner: With my partner as my greatest ally, my life is filled with play, laughter, intimacy, abundance, and creativity. I know the power of love… how to give it and how to receive it.

Vision for my Coaching Business: My primary interest is in continuing to coach inspirational leaders, or those who want to be. The path is one of self-mastery; the gentle letting go of the many masks leaders hide behind in favor of standing authentically in their true power and authority… masks such as “I’ve got it all together”, “I must know all the answers”, “I am 100% responsible for my employees’ well-being”, “I have to save my employees from themselves”, and more. My vision is to continue coaching inspirational leaders to focus on emerging their best self (essential self) as they align with their deepest sense of integrity, continually taking the high road in all they do. I know that when leaders step into this place, they experience a profound sense of inner power and their team is inspired to follow.

My heart and mind also remain wide open to coaching individuals and couples, coaching I have offered successfully for over 15 years. This type of coaching also requires a focus on self-mastery, including a powerful, loving relationship with Self.

Of course, all of coaching is about manifesting what we want. Privileged to co-create a manifestation program with Katie and Gay Hendricks and Gayle Colman, Imagination Made Real, a Path to Reliable and Sustainable Manifestation was born a few years ago. Using this as a framework for coaching, I plan to continue teaching people the tools of manifestation. Imagination Made Real can also be used as a self-guided journey or enjoyed with a group through Teleclasses and live classes -www.imaginationmadereal.com.

In a nutshell, my vision for my life and for my coaching business is to contribute to creating a world where each person knows and embraces their worth, claims their full authority, and crafts their life according to their own life purpose. Rooted in self-respect and self-love all who share this vision align each facet of their life (relationships, careers, finances, fun, leisure and contribution) with a deep sense of integrity, self-responsibility, internal freedom, and joyful expression.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

I love the process of coaching… the rich, interesting conversations that bring my clients insight, clarity, direction, and action.
I love that my clients fall in love with themselves, moving past their limiting beliefs they have carried with them, sometimes for decades, into a new inspired way of knowing themselves as valuable, irreplaceable, capable beings. And out of that knowing they manifest the personal and professional life they desire.
I love the insights offered to me as a result of my interactions with my clients; how they continuously provide a mirror for my own continued development.
Before I started coaching I …

lived in Dallas, Texas working with a husband and wife therapy team in a family-of-origin workshop business. Together, we produced a series of programs called Discover. Therapeutic in nature, these finely orchestrated workshops provided an elegant healing model that peeled back the many layers of limiting beliefs and traumatic situations to beautifully reveal the Essential Self of the participant.

We created and led a variety workshops such a team and leadership programs, singles and couples workshops, spiritual refreshers and inner child workshops, a children’s camp and parenting training, and more.

Even though coaching is a completely different approach to developing people and supporting them to manifest their desired life, my 12 years with Discover offered great insight into human nature and how to gently facilitate people through a process that allows them to come out triumphant on the other side; one that creates organic shifts in how they know themselves and how they experience life.

What makes you laugh?

I make me laugh! When I look at some of the crazy things I believe or the strange ways in which I struggle when no struggle is really necessary… how I make things hard, when they can be very easy, I laugh. I laugh at these things in myself and in others. I love people with a dry sense of humor – laughter comes easy for me with them. I love watching good comedies that speak to the human experience (i.e. The Bucket List, My Cousin Vinnie, etc.)

The spontaneity and innocence of dogs and small children make me laugh. I would include some cats in this noticing. Unencumbered with big egos, they simply show their genuine selves without censoring, and their imagination shines through.

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

Being an idealist, in my younger days, I wanted to save the world, and on some level thought I could actually do that single-handedly. What I now know is the world needs all the help it can get, and for anyone and everyone willing to lend a hand it is important to the future of our species and the planet that we all make our unique contribution. So doing my part is what I can do. In that, I look to consistently evolve myself and allow the full emergence of my Essence. Through that, I would like those I have touched to genuinely reflect on how I heart-fully supported and empowered them. I want them to feel loved and accepted by me and to have enjoyed being with me. I want to contribute to them knowing themselves as beautiful, capable, and successful however they define that. I want to be known as a woman who was fully engaged in living and loving her life.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

I don’t have three specific people I want to coach. I am more interested in coaching Inspirational Leaders (or those who want to be) to become leaders of deep integrity, letting go of any need for politics and positioning in favor of authenticity and doing the right thing. These people have the potential to influence their followers in a way that expands and ripples out into the world. I am more interested in reaching as many people as possible directly or indirectly, than coaching any particular person.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

My experience at The Hendricks Institute is as one of the most fun and satisfying experiences of my life. Learning to truly love myself is the biggest benefit I received. I can now look squarely into my eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you, Chris”, and know that it is true down to my bones. From this place of deep self-love and appreciation, I feel free inside my own skin and experience peace even in times of chaos or difficult situations. I no longer struggle with my self-worth and I rarely doubt myself. I have dropped the ways I previously terrorized myself (i.e., self-criticism, self-doubt, and all manner of beating myself up) in favor of a genuine self-acceptance. I now take care of every aspect of myself as never before. I have made friends with my body — which I consider to be a major miracle.

I now have a fantastic relationship with my feelings, embracing all of them — happiness, anger, sadness, fear, and sexual feelings. Throughout my coaching career I have been involved in the emotional intelligence (EQ) movement. While Gay and Katie Hendricks do not refer to their work as emotional intelligence, I believe it to be the quintessential EQ work in the industry. They promote a direct relationship with feelings vs. trying to intellectualize, control, or manage over the top of them as many teachers of EQ advise. I feel blessed to have embodied their approach of going through full feelings cycles and listening to the wisdom that all emotions have to share… to seeing my emotions as a big part of what makes the rich tapestry of life.

I recaptured my sense of play. Previously, being a person who I would consider “very serious” and “very play-challenged”, I learned how to set myself free to create and express, to engage in all manners of play and to see my daily life as play, rather than as work. I know how to let go of worrying about what other people think… and in this lies the freedom to be myself.

I also acquired an expansive toolkit. As a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, I have been blessed to participate in many coach-training programs. And, I appreciate my entire coach toolkit. At the same time, I consider my Hendricks tools to be the “power tools” of my coaching business, creating easeful shifts in thought processes and behavior in my clients and myself, offering profound models and tools for conscious living and loving.

I highly recommend studying with Katie and Gay. Their depth of knowledge around Conscious Relationship, BodyMind Integration, and Manifestation, along with their ways of presenting, are second to NONE. They are the REAL deal. Get ready to transform your life and have a blast all along the way!

The movie that inspired me most was _______. Why?

A Beautiful Mind is one of my all time favorites. A true story based on the life of John Nash, played by Russell Crow, John is a gentleman who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. I am inspired by his ability to overcome his delusional episodes; the imagined voices and people that haunt his life and distort his reality. Through his journey he creates a satisfying life, while winning the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his revolutionary work on game theory. Living with and learning to work with his illness while making a significant contribution in the world inspires me. To me it speaks to the power of the human spirit and the potential that lies within each of us in our own unique way. It speaks to all of our journeys of overcoming and stepping into bigger versions of ourselves. It reminds me of my mother who overcame great odds to enjoy a life she could not have imagined.

His wife, Alicia, played by Jennifer Connelly, stands beside him in a powerful way, supporting his journey and loving him all of the way. I think in this day and age, and our “me – me – me” society, it is easy to bail on relationships when they get tough and we don’t get what we want. I know I have certainly done that. I am inspired by the love that carried this couple through incredibly trying times.

The Book?

Tough question. There are so many. So I choose Conscious Loving by Katie and Gay Hendricks. This book is a must for those interested in creating satisfying relationships with anyone and everyone. In a very accessible way it describes the common beliefs and behaviors that keep people repeating scenarios that don’t work. It then goes on to offer simple, yet profound perspectives, tools, and solutions to create conscious loving relationships. I use this as a bible in my own relationships and as a tool with clients. It is available from Amazon.com.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

My spiritual practice, exercise, dogs, cooking, drumming, reading, entertaining, being outside, coaching my clients and supporting my friends and family to overcome obstacles and step into their true beauty and potential. I love doing special projects. Being a highly organized and patient person, I have a genius for organizing anything, both large and small. I create some pretty fabulous heart-centered gifts and events for those I love.

Top 10 things I couldn’t live without?

My loving relationship with myself. This keeps me centered and able to show up in all aspects of life in gentle, centered, and powerful way.
My dogs, and really all dogs. They are pure spirit beings that bring unconditional love and joyful play to my life.
A spiritual practice that connects me to God and brings awe into my life. Music, guided imagery, and all manner of auditory spiritual practices like chanting, visualizing, etc.
Essence-filled friends who offer big laughter, camaraderie, and adventures in the world.
My family’s love, loyalty, and support – no matter what – plus pure fun! With them I have learned forgiveness, compassion, and what it means to keep re-inventing the relationships that are of the utmost importance to me. My relationships with my family just keep getting better.
My clients who teach me about myself as they learn and transform themselves.
My varied exercise regime that enlivens me and supports me in feeling great in my body.
Fresh air and the beauty of nature that inspires me and connects me to all of life.
Doing what I love for a living and appreciating the contribution I make in the world through my work.
Preparing delicious, beautiful meals for friends, family, and sometimes simply for myself.
Books about leadership, personal and spiritual development, and good fiction.