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Corinna-LCorinna Bloom Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

My life purpose is to shift the fundamental structures that allow new realities to be lived. I am not interested in shifting the contents of our lives around, but in shifting the context that each of us lives in, so that our wildest dreams can become reality.
I envision continuing to do this profoundly satisfying work with individuals, groups & society as a whole. These kinds of openings that turn our juiciest most heartfelt possibilities into realities are my favorite creations.
One of my favorite aspects of my work is drawing forth full expression, and in playful ways. That alone can change everything!

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

1. When I coach, I most love the state of consciousness that I occupy, which is to be a conduit for previously impossible and wildly inspired realities to take place.
2. What I love is that the new realities that come through are not mine or someone else’s ideas of anything that should happen, but arise from my client’s unique gifts. My job is to help my client amplify those gifts and live from them in ways that brings what matters most to them into being.
3. As I open to see and feel who a person really is, and reflect that back to them, it’s like walking into an exquisite intergalactic cathedral.

Before I started coaching I …

Brain research, traveled to study and network new technologies for sustainable living, worked on the boards of international organizations focused on the development of innovative communities called ecovillages, studied and developed skills in leadership, relationship, and consciousness from teachers all over the world.

What makes you laugh?

I like outrageous expressions of any kind, where people go all the way in having fun with emotions (Lewis Black), performance (Bette Midler), goofiness (Monty Python, Muppets), pointing out the absurdities (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert). And generally, the absurdity of most human thoughts & beliefs make me laugh, too!

The legacy I want to leave behind is this:

A new way for individuals to access not only their own essence, but the essence connection that they have with the whole of humanity, and with the web of life itself.
Just as many past generations did not realize that they have a way of being that is essential and whole and brings forward all their true gifts, many now do not realize that every person can move along a super highway that connects their own wellbeing to the wellbeing of society.
True abundance, power and world-rocking opening of heart and consciousness comes with forging such a connection, such a loop between our own wholeness and many levels of wholeness bigger than ourselves.
May the footprint of my existence be that each human can easily feel and feed the lines of energy exchange between their own essence and the essence of the collective!

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

Many people talk about wanting to coach traditionally powerful people, such as politicians, famous business moguls, and people who are so famous that their voices effect many others. I can understand that because such people are exchanging their energy with the whole of society, and are therefore powerful nodes in the network of us all where small changes can lead to broad stroke changes at a societal level.
However, my faith in the world changing rests in each of us becoming such a powerful node. I truly do see the potential and necessity of every willing person to find not only their own unique expression of essence, but to also to uncover their own potent connection to a larger whole.
So, my top three attributes for someone to coach are any person’s eagerness to:
1) locate their genius
2) embrace and expand what matters most to them
3) connect their genius to what matters most to them

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

1. I awakened to all my experiences – especially had a lot of my actual body sensations and emotional energy come fully into my aware experience – and learned how to not only fully experience but also to express any energy that comes through me, with playfulness: in ways that adds to the joy, creativity, grace and aliveness of each moment.
2. This made a lifetime of insecurities and inhibitions just completely melt away.
3. And because of THAT, I am now easily able to be with any beliefs, attitudes, or emotions that arise in myself or anyone, groups, etc, and thus can guide those energies into new inspiring territory.
4. All of which means: intensely creative relationships! A rapport that’s generative with all friends and family, which leaves no room for repeated patterns or dramas in relationship. I collaborate everywhere I go, even where I don’t personally know the people I’m interacting with.

The book that inspired me most was…

One of the books that most changed my world was The Conscious Heart – reading it was the tipping point that led me into working with the Hendricks.
Never before had I seen an author, as Kathlyn Hendricks did in that book, describe her experience of personal transformation so intimately, so transparently. She didn’t tell the story from a place of a neatly tied bow, looking backward, but instead she revealed to entire world her most raw places, sharing her poetry and prose that reflected her states of consciousness *as* she was still moving through major upheaval in her life.
She also took everything that was turning her life upside down and inside out, and turned it into creative expression.
These were the most radical moves out of the paradigm of control that I had ever seen anyone do, let alone a public figure.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Engaging people and animals in surprising ways that make them feel frisky and want to play back!
Getting on an elliptical machine with headphones, and holding on with my hands and feet but then letting the rest of my body go nuts with silly dancing and attitudes.
Any evidence of reality shifting and expanding, but especially when I see it in the eyes of little kids.

What ten things could you not do without?

Playing out loud and with accents & attitudes.
Clothing that helps me play with attitudes!
Sexy Time! (Intimacy)
Outrageously innovative pals
Stillness, nothingness, and no-thing-ness
Healthy ecosystems!!