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Diana Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

I want to lead leaders into the unknown where so many things scare them, especially when a company or country is at stake. I see them facing their fears so that they discover heaven on earth in every moment, and thus continuously create resolution for themselves and the people they serve.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

That my playfulness gets to be a potent catalyst for transformation, and my intuitive knowing gets to be fully engaged.

Using my influence to create the kind of world in which I am most excited to live.

Seeing people open to love in themselves and with others

Before I started coaching I …

was a long time student exploring various aspects of consciousness and psychology, a full time mother of two, and an active leader in my community.

What makes you laugh?


The legacy I want to leave behind is …

I want to influence the world to embrace collaboration where we are more interested in nurturing the whole.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

President Ahmadinejad of Iran- I believe I can match him, accept him, and love him in a way that would transform his perspective and thus shift the dynamic in the Middle East.

The President for the U.S. – Because I can help him embrace the parts of himself that he has not faced and accepted so he can fully love and serve his people.

Rupert Murdoch – FOX news and major media owner. I could help him see that what he most wants is not going to manifest from the way he is currently going about it. I would pop him out beyond the “Us vs. Them” paradigm such that his resources would be of much greater service to wholeness in the world.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

A fundamental understanding of what it is to take 100% responsibility for my life and to inspire that in others.

The knowing through experience that play and innovation are more entertaining than drama

Learned to truly love myself!

Learned a new level of being present by matching my experience and expression.

The movie that inspired me most was “Wizard of Oz”. Why?

I love the message that we can always go “home” in any moment without having to kill a witch to get there! (didn’t have to pay a price)

Everything I ever wanted is already here. (my heart, brain, and courage)

Good and Evil are just part of the magic kingdom

The only scary thing is the man behind the curtain when he is not revealed.

The book?

Jonathan Livingston Seagull was the book that set me on my path in 6th grade to be true to myself first. And I continue to learn about that every day!

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

My relationships with loved ones (family, friends, others, and nature – especially my garden) influencing my world with my genius, creating something new to learn each day, getting to be this character, me, for another day!

Top 10 things I couldn’t live without?

Clean air to breathe
Making love
Sappy music
Best friends, collaborative community
Soul-shaking adventures in consciousness
Visions of the most expanded reality possible for everyone I meet
Getting people on the street to wave, and truck drivers to honk
Embarrassing my kids by being really dorky in public
Deepening my love everyday and continually finding new ways to express my Big Love!
Remembering that I am making it all up – that life is a brilliant 3-D video game!

Over a decade ago, my brother-in-law, who was a very successful CEO in America, and my sister-in-law, gifted my husband and I some money. They told us we could do whatever we wanted with the money and suggested that we use it to fly to California to study with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. He said that of all of the personal and professional coaches he had worked with (and he had access to the best), he thought they were at the top of their field and that we would benefit from their work.

So off we naively flew from our Midwest home and headed to California for an adventure that would change the course of my life. What I remember most when I walked into the training was the incredible amount of energy in the room, and so much play and joy. I have always loved to play and they showed me that there was so much more play and creativity available to me than I had known! For those of you who are familiar with Harry Potter, I felt like a first year Hogwartz student, having gone from feeling like a misfit muggle, to being on the magic train with my clan of wizards! I knew after those five days that I wanted to join Gay and Katie in bringing this work to the world.

I got very committed to this journey! I became a training sponsor, and brought Katie to my home town many times. I created several local learning circles with other committed learners. I practiced the Hendricks’ Four Pillars of Integrity every day, and used my relationship with my husband and friends as my practice ground. After a few years, when my children were a bit older, I joined Katie’s two year apprentice program. In that program I put my attention on learning to fully love myself and how to serve others so they could do the same. I rediscovered my beauty and creative sexual energy. I unwound several repeating patterns, which showed up in my personality and even in my physiology. For example, I had a life long pattern of asthma, and today I reliably breathe with ease.

Now 11 years later, I too live in California and I long for nothing. I have brilliant relationships in every arena of my life. For example, my relationship with my husband and teenaged children are virtually drama free and, I have a community of friends who are deeply committed to both their fullest aliveness and profound intimacy. My career has skyrocketed beyond what I imagined possible and I have plenty of time to explore a wide range of new activities. What astounds me most is that I now live without referencing my sense of self to any past or personal history. This seemed inconceivable a decade ago and now I can’t imagine it any other way.

Over the last five years, I have brought the Hendricks work to schools, prisons, other coaches, couples, profession athletes, investment firms, executive teams and am now focusing on working with CEO’s and political leaders. No matter who I work with, I find that people are able to easily relate to the Hendricks’ triangle model of drama and to use persona play as a way to easefully leave victimhood. People in all arenas easily adopt play as a way to resolve their issues and find the lovability in all parts of themselves and others, including their darkest shadows. This is where the Hendricks’ model leaves “processing” behind in favor of moment by moment creativity.

I have witnessed so many incredible shifts in humans and organizations using the Hendricks coaching tools and believe that all things are possible if people are willing to open to the unknown. For example, a couple once came to me who were recently separated and had not had sex in 14 years. They doubted that it was possible to turn the relationship around and had decided to call me for one last shot at repairing their marriage. We together discovered that they had both been stuffing decades of anger and had not been willing to express it. They had to shut down their sexual energy in order to keep that anger withheld. I taught them how to make friends with their anger and easily express it. I will never forget the day they called and I noticed that he had a completely different sounding voice. There was so much aliveness and joy in his tone and when I pointed out my noticing he responded with an enthusiastic, “We had sex!” and they went on to recreate a lasting love.

Another example is a vice president of a tech company I worked with here in the Silicon Valley who was being judged as a bully and de-railer by his CEO and fellow colleagues. They wanted to keep him because he provided a lot of energy and business for the company’s financial success and they genuinely liked him when he was not trying to control everyone. I supported him in seeing that he was playing the role of the villain and he learned that underneath his anger was a scared man who was afraid to be with his own vulnerability, let alone reveal it to others. He committed to learning how to experience and express his more vulnerable feeling to himself and others. His CEO shared with me the other day that the entire dynamic has shifted, and that the energy that was being used to deal with the drama is now able to redirect to creative innovation for the organization.

I love what I do! I am so grateful to Gay and Katie for sharing their work with me and so freely allowing me to integrate it into my own legacy. I love being a catalytic charger for all those whom I meet, and I hope that others will experience the Hendricks coaching models so they can fully be the change that they want to see in the world.

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