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Ed Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

I am mastering the change that needs to occur to consistently move past early childhood trauma and working with others to assist them to experience the same lasting joy and peace. I am blessed with a lot of great people who are fun to be around and make the world a better place. I have plenty of time to create in ways that make my spirit dance. Finally, if there is such a thing as reincarnation the next time I come back I am really happy, playful and a great musician that can sing – especially the blues.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

Assisting others to actually experience lasting love, joy, and creative experiences.
The relationships that form.
Learning how to stretch my skills and often learn from my clients.
Before I started coaching I …

Center myself and smile a lot.

What makes you laugh?

Quick witted humor. Children giggling. Animals that like to wrestle with me.

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

Being remembered as a gentle and kind man that made the world a better place.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

Creative actors and other artists who want to make a difference in the world. I enjoy working with creative people and people that are influential, and aspire make a significant impact on our planet.
People who have early developmental trauma. I know what it is like to have an awful feeling in the body yet not understand why I feel so bad – especially when I can look around me and see that goodness abounds. Its debilitating.
Anyone who is not getting what they are wanting out of their life and have done a lot of work and nothing seems to work.
What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

If one uses the tools you cannot help but shift what ails you. For example, ANYTIME I am stuck if I just make unarguable statements and track my sensations long enough I feel the shift occurring. When I infuse that with “what do I want”, and a commitment to take action, I can instantly take a small steps that rewires my brain to move back into a creative place. Moving from stuck to creative take a lot less time now.
Sometimes when I am really stuck I ask myself what would Katie or Gay say to me at this moment? I picture them asking me that and instantly I feel loved, support and cared for. Sometimes that is all I need to reconnect to life. This has been a lifesaver many times in the 15 years I’ve known them. I feel so blessed.
The movie that inspired me most was _______. Why?

The Legend of Bagger Vance. I relate really well to the scene where Bagger Vance is coaching Matt Damon to strike the ball out of the woods. He says something like “you let it go right now and hit that ball as hard as you can right out of here.” Gives me goose bumps whenever I think of it.

The Book?

Conscious Loving because I feel good whenever I am down and read from it.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Hearing others share what excites them and watching them create what their heart desires. Also, I love a sunny cool day.

Top 10 things I couldn’t live without?

Roasted oatmeal, fruit, nuts and honey in the morning
Books and research – I truly enjoy investigating new topics and discoveries
Nature walks (birds, sun, water, bugs, butterflies, flowers, spiderwebs, etc)
Laughing and good humor.
My Mac (soon to be an iPad)
Clients – I find great peace in the healthy relationships we form.
Meditation – It is the most peaceful time in my body for sure
Fly fishing – attuning to nature
The sun

Ed Ferrigan, M.A, CPCC, SPC
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