Featured Coach | Gayle Colman

Gayle-LGayle Answers Top Questions

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

I love this question. It provides me the opportunity to acknowledge how my life and coaching practice are aligned in a powerful and purpose-FULL way. The vision I hold for my life and my coaching practice is simple – come from love and joy, and fully engage each situation, person and experience with authentic presence. Because each situation, person and experience is different, every moment is unique; every engagement has the potential for meaningful impact.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

Only three? The three top things I love about coaching are:

Experiencing the synergy and spiral of learning that happens with others. We are truly mirrors of each other.
Enjoying the “ah ha” moments. It is easy for others to gain insight, awareness and direction when they are held in a vast space of care, wisdom, and acceptance.
Playing in my genius and, in particular, employing an integral coaching methodology. Genius play makes every coaching opportunity an experience filled with love and joy.

Before I started coaching I …

was a wanna-be coach in disguise? In my thirty plus years as a certified financial planner, I have always held client conversations and exploration from a broader view, a coaching perspective. In the past twelve years studying with Katie and Gay, I recognized the value of presence and play (yes even around money) in my practice and integrated coaching into our services. With Hendricks training and embodiment of somatic practices, I’ve expanded my capacity to hold the client space. More recently, as a certified Integral CoachTM, I have embraced an elegant structure that is all-inclusive and allows the tools and practices I have learned over the years to flourish on behalf of clients.

What makes you laugh?

Life – quite frankly – is hysterical. But, I also have a lot of help from my family. My beloved, Rich, cracks me up with imitations of me. My daughter, Katelyn, offers facial expressions that require no words yet broadcast truth in rare form. My son, Knight, is an embodied laugh attack. I’ll laugh and he will start laughing and then we will feed off of each other for minutes. Then he will ask: what are we laughing about?

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

that I loved, laughed and learned well by touching hearts.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

This reminds me of the question, if you had a dinner party and you could invite any guests, who would you invite? Since coaching is about helping another see the wholeness, the perfection, that is already present in every situation, the people I like to coach are open to learning. Being open to learning is an essential ingredient in any coaching engagement. Answering the question with three people says more about me, what I want to learn and what I value … Audrey Hepburn, because she represents a life well lived through artistic expression, generosity of spirit, loving kindness and compassion, beauty in all forms and grace under fire. I’d like to coach one of my ancestors; either my paternal grandmother or my paternal great-grandfather. Both of them led extraordinary lives in different ways. Lastly, I’d like to coach someone from a younger generation, who is creatively contributing to the world in a way that inspires others. Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS (a company that matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child in need.), is a perfect example.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

In one outbreath I feel more joy, my relationships are richer, my contributions have more impact, my creativity has expanded, I experience the preciousness of life daily, and I welcome all of the wisdom from my body/mind. The three views that opened the door for these benefits to flourish are: being open to learning, embracing the truth that friendly growth happens while having fun, and recognizing the power and impact of body wisdom.

The movie that inspired me most was…

I really don’t know how to answer this question. It depends on who I was at the time of seeing the movie. Inspiration is felt when we are at a certain place in our evolution so I could say that there have been many movies that have moved me over the years. Is there a particular movie that changed my life or made me question deeply or inspired me to new ways of being? No one movie comes to mind.

The book that inspired me most was…

This is hard. I love reading and many books have inspired me. One of the books I frequently recommend and give away is … Conscious Living. Right, it is one of Gay and Katie’s books and it touched my heart. Actually, the reading was so familiar when I read it for the first time. It was like rekindling a friendship from another time and place. The concepts, values and principles expressed are timeless. Any book that stands the test of time – offers ancient wisdom – is an inspiration to me.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Seeing each moment as fresh and an opportunity to learn, to share, to love and to offer something that makes a difference brings me the most joy day to day.

What ten things could you not do without?

Air (breath), water, nature, music, movement, love, authentic relationships, meditation, health (mind, body & spirit), and, of course … laughter.