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JennyW-LJenny Werbeloff

Transformational Educator Life, Wellbeing and Relationship Coach
Experienced Facilitator of Personal and Group Learning www.sourcingfromwithin.com

‘What do you want to do with your one wild and precious Life?’
– Mary Oliver

New Course Starting
Apprenticeship to Self – a personal learning journey©

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

My life and my work are dedicated to provided rich learning spaces for individuals, small groups and communities where living becomes a celebration of the human spirit, its creative capacity and authenticity – wherever we show up; where living full-out is the invitation, rather than living small (even bigger small to too little). Where we each learn how to claim our vitality and our freedom, and align our living with purpose that reflects our deepest values and highest aspirations. Where our lives are a celebration of what matters most and what is possible, and we shift our orientation from problems to possibilities. Where our creative capacity and attention is deeply engaged and committed to what we truly want – liberating our creative capacity to create what really matters to us.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

These are some of the things I value enormously, and I love these gifts that coaching provides:

Being a sacred witness to each person’s courageous journey, is a profound blessing and honour.
I am in awe of the extra-ordinary beauty and capacity in each of us, and how unique our gifts and capacities are – something I am always surprised and delighted by.
I am deeply honoured by the trust that is placed in me, to hold a space for each person to reveal an unedited and glorious self.
I am delighted and enriched (and more than a little surprised) to witness the gifts that flow as a result of transformation that is deep and enduring.
I love the way laughter and deep work go so well together. I think laughter enhances learning.
I love the way personal and group capacity can be simultaneously extended – transforming communities, one person at a time.
Before I started coaching I …

Since the age of 15, I have lived a conscious life – the moment when circumstances made me decide to take responsibility for my wellbeing, joy and freedom. This has determined my life, and all my choices. What a blessing this has been!

I did Yoga Teacher Training and taught yoga, relaxation, meditation, breath and the deeper mysteries of the Universe.

I became a Spiritual Healer – a profound and magnificent journey.

At some point I saw the need to shift from a problem model to one that is based on possibility – with self-learning, personal responsibility and authenticity at the heart. I choose to only work with an evolutionary model rather than an illness or problem model. This has been extraordinarily liberating and a delight to be part of. And so, Sourcing from Within™ was created.

I have the profound blessing to facilitate retreats internationally and locally. And I have a tremendously exciting and unique year-long learning opportunity (in small groups) being launched early 2013 – Apprenticeship to Self – a personal learning journey©.

I have a special interest in working with Indigenous people in Zimbabwe and other places – where learning is not a luxury but a necessity, where the individual’s growth enhances the group capacity, and where the group holds the framework for the individual to expand.

What makes you laugh?

I feel blessed to laugh easily, and I delight in this capacity. I am just as likely to be amused by myself, or laugh out loud reading a book or sharing something with someone close. Mostly, it is the spontaneous opportunity for delight that is created or shared.

The legacy I want to leave behind is this:

‘To state the obvious, learning is a process by which we come to know something we didn’t know before. But what may not be as obvious, is the fact that when we learn something knew, that learning also changes the way we know everything else. Learning not only changes the sum total of our knowledge, it changes the frame of all our knowledge. And the person who learned is not the same as the person that set out to learn. (Laurence Gonzales)

When we create human beings who are seeking more than an improvement in their living, – a paradigm shift to living a life that reflects a deep engagement of their fundamental essence and their connection with Life, others and the deeper possibility and calling of Life itself to evolve – then we can all take our place in this magical dance, creating outcomes that reflect our greater wisdom and richer possibility.

When you have an individual who is willing to dance with delight, meaning, values, aspirations and purpose – life evolves. When you have a whole community (village, organisation, community group or family unit) that is willing to do this, there is a compounding and exponential opportunity. This is how the social fabric of a community is enhanced. The community canvas is a landscape of greater depth and capacity that continues to sustain the individual. However, we must not forget that community cohesion and strength is sustained by the individual.

So playing my part in this extraordinary dance between the individual, the community group and Life’s greater calling, is the legacy I wish to serve.

Life is calling for deeper answers, and the capacity resides in each of us to play our part in realising ‘what is possible’ and ‘what purpose we are serving’ – and take our place in this collaborative opportunity.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

The easy answer would be to take hold of a very well-known name – like Barack Obama, but I have given this question a great deal of thought and have come up with something more exciting.

I would like to take a student of Architecture and Design who understands that the spaces we live in have a direct correlation to the wellbeing of those who inhabit that home or building, and that they make a contribution to the wellbeing of the community.

I would like to take a student of Health and Wellbeing. This person would understand that illness is directly linked to living in small and confined ways – whether actually, or within themselves.

I would like to take a student of Town Planning – someone who understands that our connections to each other must be enhanced and enlivened in a personal and community sense. This person would understand the quiet erosion that is taking place in our communities and our cities with extraordinary consequences!

To these, I would like to add 2 more…

A student of the Arts – potentially music, poetry and sculpture – their interest would be in providing art as a vehicle to create spaces for people to gather, promote community, uplift, and nurture.

And finally, I would like to include a student of Conservation who appreciates the need for the greening of our urban environments. In many ways, it is Nature in the cities that is suffering greatly – with huge import for us as people and as cities.

I would like to provide a space for collaborative and ongoing enquiry – that will be both personal and collaborative – by holding and ‘living in’ the following questions:

Who else can I be?
Who or what am I serving?
In serving myself, can I serve the whole?
What is possible if we combined our gifts and talents?
What purpose calls us to combine our gifts and talents?

This would be an exciting journey where Life’s greater calling comes together with personal purpose and collaborative potential; where our gifts and talents are all celebrated, and we discover something astonishingly beautiful and simple.

I would love to participate in this!.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

The gifts have been as bountiful as they have been liberating.

My body now serves as an infallible compass guiding me to a deeper knowing about is really going on, which results in me acting on that impulse, without question. This liberates my creative capacity and attention to create what matters most to me – this is the best time and energy saver that I have come across.

The most enduring learning came from Kathlyn Hendricks, who I have come to know and love deeply. She models an uncompromising authenticity, integrity and vitality and generosity of spirit. She sustains an enduring delight even as her work is significant in scope and importance as an evolutionary essential, at this time, and at all time. I want what she is on – how she fits everything in with extraordinary ease is something to behold. This is a testimony to her enduring accomplishments. She is a Master at what she does, and it is a privilege to know her.

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks are great models of a relationship that renews itself, over and over – and it is magnificent to witness.

The movie that inspired me most was_______.Why? The Book?

The movie The Hurricane, directed by Norman Jewison

This tells the story of the remarkable journey of a man who was incarcerated 3 times (twice for a triple murder) for a total of 20 years. All of these charges were trumped up and had everything to do with racism and nothing to do with truth.

This movie is significant in many ways.

Reuben Carter was a supreme example of what it takes to remain true to our freedom, dignity and choice – that doing so does not depend on external circumstances, but choice! He determined all this by his commitment to something that was fundamental to him – his freedom!

He risked defying the authority of the prison guards and the system – remaining in control of what he thought about, how he spent his days, what he wore, and his own timing. He refused to wear the ‘uniform of an inmate’ underpinning his right to live in freedom. He stayed awake while others slept, using this time to study extensively and to write his autobiography, The 16th Round: from Number 1 Contender to Number 45472. He slept during the day.

Moreover, this true story demonstrated how we can each play our part to correct what is profoundly wrong. Bob Dylan wrote a song called ‘Hurricane’ and played it whenever he performed, raising public awareness. This awareness created a wave of support and activism, and this provided the turning point to a life of eventual freedom, where Carter turned his attention and life to making a contribution to others.

This movie is a tribute to the human spirit and capacity in each of us; a tribute to what we can do if we care enough to contribute to causes we care about, and a testimony to the need for connections between us all – it takes a village to feed a child, and it sometimes takes a village for justice to be served.

The book? The Council of Dads by Bruce Feiler

This is the tremendously inspiring true story of Bruce Feiler, a young dad who, upon receiving a cancer diagnosis that was not optimistic, with great thought, care and the epitome of what it means to love, set about selecting a Council of Dads who would be his voice, to guide and mentor his two young daughters when he was no longer here.

He selected a range of men close to him, each of whom possessed certain attributes that he valued greatly, and that he felt were essential if his daughters were to build a framework of all that was vital. He wanted to provide his daughters with a foundation for their lives that would harvest all that was essential.

This is a tribute to the human spirit and what we can draw on when love translates into action. Bruce Feiler’s courage and foresight is inspiring, and his consideration of what is important is immense.

Please read this book.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

I do. I am always amazed at my own capacity to create delight and meaning, as a simple matter. When I do this, I ignite the spark of undiluted ‘me’ that gave me Life, and is the Source of my Being.

I remember as a kid, when I scrambled into my bathers and with delight jumped into the swimming pool making a gigantic SPLASH! I didn’t stop to consider the impact of that burst of enthusiasm on others. I just followed my natural impulse to express delight. It is that urge, that impulse to express delight that I constantly remind myself to create. This is now the modus operandi for my life – a roadmap, if you like, for creative living.

When I do this as a simple matter, I gain my freedom as my mind explores new and bigger possibilities, and I discover that there is always more. I delight in this journey and the opportunities that lie within and before me as I constantly kindle my passion for living with a SPLASH! of my own delight.

What ten things could you not do without?

A deep and abiding connection and love for myself and others
Love for and deep connection to others
Appreciation for nature, the earth and all that share this planet with us
The profound and beautiful exchange of ideas
Learning something new
My own vitality and ‘yes, I’m glad to be here’ attitude to life –especially when things are difficult
Music and poetry
All my senses – to appreciate a glorious sunset or a child’s delight, to enjoy the sound of laughter and music, the touch of someone I love, the smell of gardenias in the early morning freshness, the taste of mangoes and strawberries
Delight, surprise, and discovering that there is more… and there always is!