Featured Coach | Lynn Cornelius


Current passions

Expressing my unique creativity and facilitating others in discovering and expressing their unique creativity through a life of passion, purpose, and play.

I am totally passionate about the power of creativity, art, and Big Ideas. I am passionate about humanity’s capacity to transcend our mundane, petty dramas and light a fire of awesomeness in the world. I am passionate about our innate ability to be powerfully creative, whether we choose to recognize it or not, and by owning our creative potential, we can make the world a more wonderful place.

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

My vision is delighting in a life run primarily on awesome amounts of creative energy, and inspiring and catalyzing others to do the same. I envision my clients experiencing the deliciousness of living on purpose and in the flow of their creative power.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

I love collaboration. I delight in the magic that happens when my me-ness bumps up against your you-ness. The spark of possibility that bubbles up in that powerful space between us is where magic happens.

I love play. I marvel at how we humans learn and discover through our whole beings. I love facilitating and witnessing easy shifts that occur with willingness, playfulness, humor, movement, breath and a big dollop of love.

I love being a catalyst in our collective evolution. Wondering with others into the Big Questions is one of my greatest joys. I love inviting my clients into a dance with their creative selves so their lives become their own exquisite works of art, and so they inspire others to do that, too!

Before I started coaching I …

was, and am, a practicing artist. I’m a tapestry weaver and regularly exhibit in galleries and museums throughout the US and abroad.

was (and continue to be part of the time) an adjunct art professor, teaching classes in fibers, weaving, drawing, and MA courses in Art Education, as I have for over 10 years.

Before all this I was a dump truck driver, a landscaper, a life-drawing model, a bookstore clerk, a cappuccino maker, a cargo-ship mural painter, and a really, really, really bad secretary. I am so much happier now.

What makes you laugh?

The shorter answer would be to the question “what doesn’t make me laugh?” I laugh with the joys in my life, I laugh with the people I love, I laugh at the beautiful, the absurd, the delightful, the ironic, the eccentricities, the paradox. So yeah, pretty much everything. But what REALLY makes me laugh is when my (classical) musician husband sings love songs to me in a voice similar to that of Elmo. Something about that gets me every time.

The legacy I want to leave behind is …

…people waking up to their true creative power.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

1 — The experienced artist who wants to change the rules of their own game, shake it up, and expand into their biggest brightest self. The artist who wants to paint/sing/sculpt/dance/write/live with their whole being. I feel excited about coaching this person because facilitating someone on the edge of their mastery and opening up to new levels of untapped creativity is right smack in my zone of genius. And wildly fun for all involved.

2 — The wanna-be artist who wants to take the big leap into that sweet spot where infinite creative possibility meets real-world manifestation.
The one who knows they’re creative but finds the whole creative process mysterious, mercurial, or stressful. They are a delight to work with because they know, deep down, their true nature and all they need to do is remember. The recognition on their face when this person wakes up to their creative awesomeness is pure bliss.

3 — The artistic voyeur who is scared they’re actually not creative, at all. They sense there’s a doorway somewhere to a plugged-in Technicolor life but is not sure where it is, or think it’s only available to a select few. I feel totally excited about this client because I know this to be true: they are in for the ride of their life, and once they simply open the door and walk through, they realize they had the key all along.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

Wow this is a big question, because for me, studying at the Hendricks Institute was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. Period. I’ll tell you the whole story over tea someday if you’d like, but for now the best way I know how to say it is that my two years in the Leadership and Transformation program has been a way of coming home to myself and knowing in my cells who I am and what I’m here for.

The movie that inspired me most was__. Why? The book?

Wings of Desire. This movie is stunningly gorgeous, and my experience of watching it is like seeing a poem made visible. My favorite scene is when an angel, through his longing to experience what it means to be human, manifests his fall to earth as a human being. He sees color for the first time, and experiences the physical pain of just having fallen from the sky to hit the hard reality of the earth. He touches his lip, which is bleeding, and with utter and complete delight in his experience asks a passer-by, “Is this RED?” This scene always has me crying happy tears with the recognition of my own commitment to living my life wholly, celebrating and delighting in the crazy/beautiful/hilarity in this ride of being human.

The book? Accidental Tourist. It’s a quiet but powerful invitation to live a life ALL IN. It’s about a man who writes travel guides for people who have to travel for work but who don’t actually want to go anywhere or experience anything new. It’s funny and heartbreaking and beautiful and tells the journey of how he wakes up to truly living.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

What brings me the most joy in my day to day life is playing with those I love: my husband, my dog, my cat, my friends. I am totally into prioritizing and enjoying a life that is playful and fun. Another thing that I do every day that brings me great joy is creative expression, and I revel in my daily practice of tuning into myself and creating from there, whether it’s a little jig, a drawing, a weaving project, or an expression of love.

What ten things could you not do without?

My sense of humor.
My family: fabulous husband, Chuck, Blue (who I’m pretty sure is the cutest dog ever. No, really. It’s true.), and (smartest ever) cat, Wild Bill.
My tapestry loom, yarn, dyes, and all the accouterments of weaving.
A cup of strong black loose-leafed Irish Breakfast tea with milk. Well, maybe I COULD do without, but would rather not.
Tom Wait’s Heart of Saturday Night album.
My body in all it’s (my) awesomeness, that it (I) work so amazingly, how I am able to dance, make, stretch, move, and discover through all my senses. WOW.