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Fun is the measuring tool I use for creating my days. I choose to do things that make my heart sing and generate fun for me. When I do a workshop, teach a class or work with clients I make a commitment to generate fun and friendly learning. Then, during and at the conclusion I tune in to see if I am having fun. I know if I am having fun I am an invitation for others to step in and have a good time too. I see my life as an adventure I get to create. I grew up in Arkansas. When I was a teenager I read a book called “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and decided I would someday live in New York City. After I graduated from college I moved to New York and had a marvelous time living, working and exploring the city. When I graduated from high school, my parents gave me a trip to Hawaii for a graduation present. On the last day of that trip, I sat on the lanai of the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel watching the sunset and declared that some day I would live in Hawaii. I have been here thirteen years now. I love the energy of these islands and am grateful for my time here. I choose to spend my time with people who choose to live consciously and to connect deeply on a feeling level where we can be real with each other and to share what is true for each of us in any moment. I am a licensed psychologist, a transformational coach, and a Licensed Unity Teacher in the Unity movement. I am honored to teach Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes and to blend spirituality and transformation in whole body learning. I work with clients in person and on skype.

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

The first part of my vision is to have fun while engaging with folks who are ready to play in ways that invite transformation and wholeness. Having fun is one of my number one goals in life. I love coaching folks who enjoy exploring are willing to be with and move through any energies that are moving within them. I delight in assisting people who are open and willing to learn, to try on new ideas and to even be a bit outrageous in the process. I love inventing exercises in the moment based on what is currently coming forth and seeing what comes out of playing together.

The second part of my vision for my life is to create an ever- expanding life. I plan to continue learning, growing and playing full out. I treasure being part of a conscious community that is willing to live authentically, to playfully explore, and to ignite appreciation for self and others. I love teaching spiritually based classes and combining the work of Gay and Katie with universal truths by bringing whole body learning to the classroom. What time in teaching a class where we were talking about our perceptions of God, I had people generate a body movement that was congruent with their felt sense of God. Then, as each person talked about God in the class, they moved in alignment with their exploring. It was fun to see the students expand their perceptions and the movements to shift and change with the growth.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

First, I love the moment when possibilities dawn in my clients’ eyes or on their face. I often see the shift as a light that comes on with the moment of “ah-ha” and the release of tension that was previously held in the body. Secondly, I love the co-creativity and the movement of energy that emerges from collaboration. Thirdly, I love when a client shares how his or her life has changed from the explorations we have done together. I learn something about myself with each session and with each client and I observe changes within clients during sessions. I enjoying seeing clients who walk into a session in distress leave with possibilities they have generated that were unseen in the beginning of the session. Their faces and bodies relax and they radiate greater aliveness.

Before I started coaching I …

did traditional “talk” therapy. I enjoyed interacting with clients but I didn’t have as much fun and the changes were slower, less pronounced. Now I get to laugh, to move, to breathe in each session and I find my days go faster, I will often look up at the clock and the time allotted for the session is completed and I have had an internal sense of time having disappeared.

What makes you laugh?

Funny cartoons, a group of jokes off the internet that are called “Jesus and Moses” jokes, spending quality time with friends sharing stories about our lives, my cats. Also, standing on the front of a catamaran while it is sailing along with the wind. I love the sense of freedom and joy that bubbles up within me and laughter follows. I love being in and on the ocean.

The legacy I want to leave behind is..

an invitation to wholeness. I believe every person has the potentiality to recognize and learn skills to live a fully magnificent delightful life. I choose to lead a life that is an invitation to others to step fully into their power and their joy. I want to invite people to love themselves more fully and to know their worth and value as human beings.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

I want to coach people who are open to learning and willing to take actions that facilitate change, to live fully in essence and embrace their magnificence.

I want to coach people on a spiritual path to open up to all the core feelings and to live authentically in connection with themselves, their community, and the God of their being.

I want to coach ministers, church congregations, and the Board of Trustees to learn to live and speak authentically, to empower congregants to learn to live in their wholeness. I want to coach the Board of Trustees to utilize conscious leadership skills that promote decision-making and integrity within the spiritual community.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

I re-discovered how to live in my wholeness and to embrace my essence. I learned the power of commitment and how to create my life by looking at the results and shifting commitments when I don’t like the results. I cultivated response-ability for what I create in my life and can look at the infinite choices I have before me, and then consciously choose my next step. I began to make clear agreements and as a result increased trust in myself and began to live from integrity. I chose to face the parts of me that I feared were unlovable and begin to include those parts from a place of love that already lived within me I learned to come home to myself and live inside my body. I started to give voice to my current feelings and to live from a place of deep resonance within me. I found a wellspring of love and appreciation that was in me all the time and I delight in sharing what I know with others.

The movie that inspired me most was_______.Why? The Book?

The movie that inspired me most was Steel Magnolias. I love the connections and love that flows between the characters of the movie. I am sure much of it has to do with growing up in the south and feeling the familiarity of the interactions. I don’t watch many movies however this is one I have seen a couple of times, which is rare for me.

The most inspiring book I have ever read is At the Speed of Life by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. I have read this book a multitude of times and continue to open that book when I feel stuck in my own life or unclear what the next step is when working with someone else. It is a clear, comprehensive guide to the basic principles of transformation. I found this book when I graduated from a Ph.D program and of all the training I have received this book and the training from Gay and Katie have been the most influential for me.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Interacting with people I am close to brings me joy. Driving my convertible with the top down. Seeing the ocean every day brings me joy. Rainbows, playing piano, reading, walking on the beach, sitting in the rockers at various hotels in Waikiki, watching the sunset, eating outside and living fully each day create joy for me. I love to listen to live music and to meet up with friends for tea and great conversation.

What ten things could you not do without?

A sense of connection to people I love and close friendships
A deep connection with my essence through movement, breath, and meditation
Having a cat(s) in my life
A piano
Playing and having fun
The ocean
Electronics such as my iphone, computer and ipad
Tibetan singing bowls
Generating love