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Patricia-M-LPatricia Melodista
Radiant Life – Relationship Coach and Facilitator

I’m committed to celebrating a conscious, joyful life and inspiring those interested to do the same. When you claim 100% responsibility for your experience, you have the power to create exactly what you want. Imagine enjoying maximum health, wealth, harmony, and love in your life. Are you willing to see yourself as whole, and to share your unique gifts with the world? If you’re willing to have fun creating your dream life, and curious about how to start your journey, contact me. I offer individual coaching and group workshops to support you in accessing and expressing your essence in order to live your life fully and on purpose. Sessions emphasize whole-body discovery via simple techniques designed to generate wonder and open up a loving space where transformation occurs easily. To schedule coaching or group workshops please email sat.patricia@gmail.com Thank you for your interest in conscious living. Blessings and love to you.

What vision do you have for your life and your coaching practice?

I see my life as a celebration of presence, play, and purpose. Expressing my unique creative genius and expanding my ability to give and receive love is my life’s purpose. I envision myself embodying integrity and relentless love so completely that I am an open invitation for those interested to live an authentic joyous life. I’m excited to teach millions of people all over the planet simple transformational skills to create what they really want. I especially love teaming with people to support them in creating what they want in love and their relationships. I am convinced that as we honor and accept all of our disowned pieces that world peace will be actualized one whole, happy person at a time. I am honored to be a part of this radical shift. I delight in the abundance I generate facilitating workshops and retreats on the fine art of knowing oneself through breathing, moving, and loving. I see all of this unfolding easily as I nurture myself, and enjoy plenty of playtime and connection with my beloved husband, and our future kiddos.

What are the top three things you love about coaching?

I am always blown away by the tender miracle of someone turning their attention toward an unloved aspect of themselves and being with what is. The power of that move is life changing and such an honor to witness.
Learning with others rocks! When people gather together to learn how to create what they most want in life the magic is palpable and the transformational power is multiplied.
I love being reminded how funny, precious, and totally lovable we all are.
Before I started coaching I …

Before I was coaching I was a full time yoga teacher for 10 years. I love teaching movement, relaxation, and meditation and imagine I always will. I learned so many powerful skills in yoga, and, try as I might doing the perfect trikonasana never ended an argument for me. Applying what I’ve learned with the Hendricks has totally changed my inner dialogue and how I relate in my relationships. Now, I can quickly shift from old habits into a space of wonder and love. That makes a big difference in my life, even more than being able to make crazy pretzel shapes with my body.

What makes you laugh?

Everything! I love laughing. My husband, my brothers, my awesome friends. I have set up my life so that I am completely surrounded by hilarious people almost all of the time. And, I am really funny so even when I’m alone I laugh out loud. If I’m not having fun I wise up and turn my attention to something worthwhile!

The legacy I want to leave behind is this:

My sense is that most of us have believed that suffering is noble, natural, and necessary. I vote for letting go of struggle and embracing ease and play in celebration of our miraculous existence! My legacy is an invitation to allow transformation to be an easy unfolding, a magical journey in connecting with, and loving all aspects of ourselves. I see releasing the grip of fear and choosing love as a potent catalyst for world change. For me a happy peaceful world is the greatest gift to leave for future generations. I know war is impossible between people who are vibrating in harmony with the cosmos and I’m excited to be on the leading edge of this shift in consciousness.

Who are your top three people you would want to coach and why?

President Obama. I would like to coach Obama because I think he’d be fun and easy to coach. And, I would LOVE to know that he was using conscious living skills to create easy interactions with other world leaders. I think a fast, easy way to create big magic in the world right now is to empower our leaders to make choices from presence and love, rather than fear and past drama. I can’t wait for politicians to understand the upper limit problem. And, I imagine Obama being so impressed with ‘catching the drift and making the shift’ that he would invite me to lead in-services for his staff, at the United Nations, and all over the world. I see world leaders previously locked in conflict breathing, expressing their fears, and moving their bodies to help keep their mind’s open and communication flowing. Even politics can be easy when whole body intelligence is welcomed.

Jay-z and Beyonce. I think it would be fun to coach these two because they are creative artists with a big influence on popular culture all over the world. I imagine how their lyrics would change as they embraced harmony and ease in life. Then, tons of people would walk around singing and rapping positive tunes that uplift and enlighten. I envision leading with appreciation becoming a huge and lasting trend appearing in magazines and billboard ads. As visible as they are these two could turn a lot of people on to creating joy in their own life. Plus, they have a child now and I am interested in parents raising a generation of empowered kids who trust their own experience and expression.

What were the greatest benefits you received from studying at the Hendricks Institute?

By far one of the biggest blessings in my life has been learning to stop fixing myself, and to start loving myself as much as I can right where I am. And, I have met some of my very favorite people on the planet studying here! Practicing again and again turning my awareness toward my feelings and physical sensations, instead of excluding parts of my experience has made a huge difference in the level of ease and aliveness I feel every day. My favorite lesson in transformation that I learned from the Hendricks is; shift your physical posture to shift you mental outlook. Wow, magic, works every time!

The movie that inspired me most was_______.Why? The Book?

Magic Mike. Just kidding! I have two favorite movie genres. Comedies and end of the world movies. I love good comedies, especially romantic comedies, because I love laughing and crying at how sweet life is. I love end of the world movies, whether it be by aliens or asteroids or global warming because I always leave thinking, man, this fabulous precious journey is going to end someday, I want every moment to count!

The book? Conscious Living by our very own Gay Hendricks. When I read this book, I thought finally, someone who knows what they are talking about! Gay’s words spoke straight to my heart. I felt so empowered to create the life I always wanted and so blessed to have so many tools in one handy guide book.

What brings you the most joy in your day to day life?

Patricia-M-LFrenchie! My husband Chris delights me in new ways everyday. My favorite thing is his big laugh when something is really funny. I am always amazed at how great he is at singing loudly, or creating a poignant dance improv piece when the moment strikes. I appreciate his generous heart and presence, his radiant smile, and sparkly eyes. I love how much he loves life and how lavishly he appreciates and loves me.

What ten things could you not do without?

breathing and water are given, right?

yummy food