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It’s OK to Trust Your Gut

Do you trust your gut? Do you believe in intuition? Lots of people think these make no sense, that they aren’t logical, scientific or rational, so they discount them. But they actually do make sense – physical body sense, and scientific studies now prove it.

Dr. Gigerenzer, whose work was first popularized in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, published his own Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious. He shows, for example, that intuition leads to better financial investing.

When making a decision, analyzing can be overwhelming for people, and sometimes it is just too slow. Plus, sometimes all the data you may want is not available.

So, when a choice point arrives for you, don’t get stuck in your head. Choose with all your knowing: use instinctual “rules of thumb,” trust your gut reaction, follow your hunch, and go with your intuition. Chances are, you’ll make a decision that works better for you.


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