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Sleep More, Experience More Gratitude? You bet!

New research shows the connection between getting deep rested sleep and experiencing greater levels of gratitude. Says Amie Gordon of the University of California, Berkeley:

“A plethora of research highlights the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for physical and psychological well-being, yet in our society, people still seem to take pride in needing, and getting, little sleep. And in the past, research has shown that gratitude promotes good sleep, but our research looks at the link in the other direction and, to our knowledge, is the first to show that everyday experiences of poor sleep are negatively associated with gratitude towards others – an important emotion that helps form and maintain close social bonds.”

In one study, people were asked to list five things in life for which they were appreciative. Those who slept poorly the night before were less grateful than those who had slept well. Another study, in looking at couples, discovered that people who sleep poorly feel less grateful toward their partners.


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