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How response-ability and authenticity shifted a business partnership out of conflict and into co-creativity and connection



Hi, my name’s Gavin White. I live in Portland, Oregon. I do
organizational consulting work, and I want to tell you about a big shift
that I made in my work with my colleagues very recently. Over the past
several years, we’ve been developing this consultancy together, and there’s
been this subtle and growing tension around territory and who gets to deal
with which clients, and which clients are we going after, and which clients
are we drawing in, and all of that. And when I tuned in a few weeks ago to
what was going on in my body around that, and wondered about how I was
creating that situation, I got really clear. And I called up one of my
colleagues in this organization and said, “I really want to work with you,
and here are the things that I’ve done to contribute to this tension.” I
created a totally different result. If you’re interested in owning your
creativity and connecting with the people around you, I recommend that you
try this out for yourself. Wonder into hmm, how am I creating this
experience and what do I really want, and how can I ask for that directly?

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