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The power and joy of Life-By-Me (Response-ability): creating a new relationship in a field of appreciation and authenticity



Hi, I’m Margo. A year ago, I had a beautiful family and I thought
life was wonderful. And I found out one day that my husband had been
unfaithful for most of our marriage, and it brought me to this deep place
of questioning who I was and who I was with this person that didn’t
understand what was going on, and how unconscious I had been. And through
my own transformation process and commitment to that, I have seen what a
world can be when you take responsibility for yourself, and that things
don’t just happen to me, but things happen by me. And the power and the joy
that I feel from that is just incredible, and how it’s taken me to a place
of appreciation, and as a gateway to be authentic. And I’ve now actually
created an amazing relationship for myself that lives in a space of
appreciation, and I’ve never experienced more joy than the way I feel

My beliefs, how I’ve questioned them, and it’s just so hard to express.
It’s just I feel grateful for my husband, I feel compassion towards him
now. And I feel like the excitement is inside me because I can learn so
much about everything that I learn about myself. I used to think excitement
was going on great vacations and bike trips, and now I feel like the
excitement is truly within me and all the things that I’m learning about
myself. I just feel so appreciative and it sometimes gets overwhelming.
It’s a lot of fun and it’s funny. It’s a lot of feelings, and I’m so
connected with my feelings now. I felt like I was intimacy starved for 25
years, and now I’m so much more connected with my tears flowing and my joy
and my sexual feelings. And I’m working on the anger; I know there’s more
to come in that regard. But I just feel appreciative that I’ve manifested
this experience for myself and the joy that it’s brought to me.

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