About the Foundation

The Foundation for Conscious Living is …

A grand vision. A global movement.
Three powerful ideas in action.

The Foundation for Conscious Living is a non-profit organization committed to embodied Authenticity, Response-Ability, and Appreciation in partnership, community, society, and the planet. We’re creating a world in which everyone enjoys a flow of appreciation and co-creation, in an evolutionary (instead of fear-based) context.

The Foundation has grown out of Gay and Katie Hendricks’ 80+ years combined experience, exploration, and expertise in conscious living and loving.  It expands upon the work of the Hendricks Institute, shares powerful ideas with those who need it most, and serves as a lasting legacy of optimism, creativity, and contribution.

And we’re just getting started …

Our Vision

We dream big.

Together, we can usher in a new era of human potential and flourishing.  One where …

Each of us lives in harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Aligned inside ourselves, we live our lives in expanding waves of creativity and integrity.

All of our relationships honor the essence of ourselves and others, and every interaction is conducted with honesty and integrity.

We all honor our organic spiritual nature. This connection forms the basis for evolutionary, co-creative partnerships at every scale.

Our Mission

Focus on what matters most.

Sparking massive change can be surprisingly simple! In our own lives and in working with thousands of people, we’ve seen the astonishing power of three ideas: Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation.

If everyone on the planet — or enough of us to create a tipping point — grow these three ideas, we’ll shift into an unprecedented new era of appreciation, creativity, and evolution.

We believe everyone on the planet, regardless of location or income, deserves access to resources that support this shift.

What We Do

Global Outreach

In our ongoing efforts, we sponsor research, resources, and outreach to individuals, communities, and organizations.  Our programs include:

Coaching Across Borders: A blossoming program facilitating counseling and connection at no cost for people and communities in war zones, civil strife, and disasters, teaching them to access their internal resources and respond to challenging events in empowered ways.

Media: We fund and produce projects with educational and entertaining messages for conscious living and loving.

Research: We award grants to support promising research in relationship transformation, somatic psychology, and body-mind wellness.

Training: We offer quality training and resources for individuals, communities, and businesses committed to bringing these ideas to life and creating positive impact.

Coaching Across Borders

Coaching Across Borders helps people and communities in crisis by restoring positive possibilities in situations that usually breed despair.

In times of major crisis — war, civil strife, natural disasters — people need more than the basics of safety, food, and shelter. They need the capacity to presence themselves, connect with others, and reclaim power and positivity.

It’s only by knowing how to come back home to presence in these critical times that people can access their own internal resources and respond to devastating challenges in empowered, creative, collaborative ways.

Coaching Across Borders cultivates connection and empowerment through presencing for people in crisis by:

  • Offering free online tools and resources, and coaching to support people in times of tragedy
  • Training coaches worldwide who can support their own communities when crisis strikes close to home
  • Developing additional services that expand the reach of these powerful and necessary skills.

We need your help.

The Coaching Across Borders program is in its development phase, and your financial support is essential to bring this important work to life.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here.

About the Founders

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., and Katie Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT


Gay and Katie Hendricks are internationally recognized leaders in the fields of relationship transformation, creativity, and body-

mind integration. Together, they have written over 35 books, including the bestseller Conscious Loving, used as a primary text in universities around the world.  Their work has been featured in many hundreds of radio and television shows, journals, magazines, and books — including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, and 48 Hours.

Through their Hendricks Institute, Gay and Katie have trained thousands of coaches, shared the highest caliber resources, and earned a reputation as “the therapists’ therapists.”  Their explorations of relationships, unique genius, and body intelligence are relevant to individuals, organizations, and communities — and from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Gay and Katie further distinguish themselves by teaching, writing, and leading together: as a committed, joyful couple.  Katie describes Gay as having a unique genius for rapidly recognizing and unravelling others’ limiting beliefs.  Gay describes Katie as a loving laser beam.

Learn more about Gay and Katie by visiting the Hendricks Institute website.

Get Involved!

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Impeccable! The Integrity Deck

Purchasing our new deck of cards is one way to support the Foundation for Conscious Living, as all deck sales go toward funding the Foundation.

We have a beautiful new deck of cards for sale created by Katie and Leadership and Transformation Program Graduate Kirsten Jones.  The deck is called Impeccable! The Integrity Deck, and each card in it  communicates an effective way to shift into embodied alignment with ourselves again when we drift off-course.  Use the deck by yourself, in partnership, or in community to assist in solving problems, opening to more creativity and manifestation, and contributing with more effectiveness. Easily discover and develop your own easy action steps as you practice and play with these wise, light-hearted and beautiful cards.  To learn more and to order click here.

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