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The Rapid Response-ability Experience

Get it easy, get it fast. Grow it with your whole bodymind, now.

Open, Sesame!
Shift into Response-ability anytime you like with one of these simple questions:
  • Mmmm, what can I discover thanks to this?

  • How am I creating this?

  • What do I reallyreallyreally want here?

  • How am I empowered in this situation?

More Response-ability Magic Shift Questions

Where might I see “choice” where I’ve never seen it before? How is this familiar, and what in me is asking for love? What possibilities arise when I acknowledge creating or inviting this?

resp-quest Are you up for the
 Response-ability Challenge?

Join us in saying YES!

  • Are you willing to admit just how powerful you are?

  • Are you willing to reclaim self-authorship where you haven’t felt it before?

  • Are you willing to take 100% response-ability for all aspects of your life?

  • Are you willing to love yourself for every choice you’ve made?